Jan 022012

I’m back. I know I haven’t posted much this entire year. I was writing a lot for work, and frankly there hasn’t been much of interest going on in my life. I admit a lot of the aspects of life I’m not happy with are under my control, and I plan to work to make some changes this year.

Like most people, I’ve made some resolutions for the coming year, but this year they are critically important, and are made with a lot of thought.

  1. Foremost is probably the most common one, to lose weight. I’ve got to drop a lot of weight this year, and exercise a lot more. I’ll start with walking, and I may try Weight Watchers.
  2. I plan to write more personally. This includes getting back to posts here on a more regular basis, looking for opportunities to publish professionally, and keeping a personal journal. I’ve made a resolution to keep a journal before, and the results have always been mixed. When I do it, I enjoy it, and I have always found it interesting to go back to previous journals from years ago.
  3. Expanding my personal network. Lay and me have stayed home and kept to ourselves for some reason on a personal basis, and this year I’m going to spend more time with friends. With work, I’ve been much less involved in the various professional networks that I used to be, and my professional network is not nearly as robust as it needs to be, so I’ll be working on that.

2011 was not a great year for a lot of people, and I know I am much more fortunate than many. But this hasn’t been a banner year in this household either. I don’t have a lot of confidence that things will improve much. I think as Americans we’ve allowed ourselves to be so divided and duped that we’ll never be able to recover and accomplish great feats as a nation.

It is clear our political system is completely broken, and I don’t see anyone on the horizon with the leadership abilities or a desire to change it. The system is based on corporate money.

I did have a nice Christmas. I was ready early with no last minute scrambling this year. We seemed to find gifts everyone wanted, and didn’t totally break the bank. Lay and me traveled to North Carolina the Friday before Christmas, and drove back on the 26th. The trip was short, but he doesn’t do well hanging out in Kings Mountain. I’ll be going back in February by myself to visit mom some more. That’s another I’ll be doing this more of this year…visiting mom.

I wish I could be more upbeat, but I’m just not sure we can find ourselves out of this mess.

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