Sep 042013

This past weekend we were in New Orleans for Decadence. It was fun, but it is the kind of thing I wouldn’t be excited about doing again. It was hot and humid (as you’d expect for late August in New Orleans). The bars are mostly in the French Quarter, and relatively small, so they were all packed. This meant that you mostly just hung out on the street, and waited in very long lines to get a drink.

There was a bear event, Convergence, going on also. That was the big reason Lay was intent on going. However, he didn’t read up on it, and we discovered, too late to get package passes at a discount, that you have to buy a “package” to attend anything. I mean you couldn’t even buy single even tickets for two or three things we wanted to attend, and the cheapest package was $150/ea.

But, one would be hard pressed to go to New Orleans, and not have fun. We did, and I’m glad we did it, but I was glad to be home too.

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