Aug 082006

OK, out comes the tinfoil hat in regards to BP shutting down this Alaskan pipeline.

Of course I want the environment protected, but doesn’t it seem a bit strange that BP is just now suddenly discovering that their pipe is rusting? Have they not had an on-going maintenance program?

Let’s face it, they are in trouble for a big spill back in March when 6,400 barrels were spilled. This spill was relatively minor.

I think they are using this to keep the Administration from taking any adverse regulatory action for the first spill. I suspect they are sending the message to Washington regulators, “You wanna go after us…come on. We’ll just shut down production and run up gas prices even more as your approach an election.” Do you think maybe some Republicans in Washington are sweating bullets about now having to face their constiuents in a couple of months with gas pricing rising again?

I expect you will see production come back on line a lot sooner than projected, and just some very small fines for the first spill.

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