Nov 272006

We had a pretty typical Thanksgiving. As I’ve already reported, I drove to North Carolina last Monday, and then met friends up in Boone/Blowing Rock on Tuesday. Wednesday I stuck close to home and spent the day with Mom, and had dinner with her and some of her friends. It was overcast and rainy most of the day Wednesday.

Lay flew up Thursday morning, and my sister Robin and her husband came over Thursday night for dinner. We had all the usual Thanksgiving fare with Turkey, cornbread stuffing and some sausage stuffing. Mom made Lay a sweet potato casserole, and we had the classic pumpkin and pecan pie. Robin had some sort of pumpkin roll. This was a sheet caked rolled with an icing in it. It was great.

My other sister and her family had gone out of town, as they did last year. I must admit to being a bit perturbed about that, as Lay’s never even seen the new baby, and I’ve only seen her once a couple of months ago. And then my sister acted aggravated that we even came by. I’m not sure what’s up with her, but she’s certainly gotten uppity lately.

Thursday was a nice day weather-wise and the temperatures got warmer as the week wore on. We did a little shopping Friday, and put flowers on my Dad’s grave up in Boiling Springs. Friday night, Lay and I went to see the movie Bobby. I’ll post my review of that later. Suffice it to say, we were disappointed.

We drove home Saturday, and made pretty good time. At first Lay wanted to drive as straight through as possible, just eating drive thru’s. But then he wanted for a bigger late lunch. So, it took us about 11 hours, but we really didn’t hit any major traffic backups. Often we’ve run into problems on the return trip south of Atlanta, but I think I found a way around most of that.

Sunday, our friends Mike and Jeff called to go with them for lunch at Hurricane’s in St. Pete Beach. We went over there and it was a gorgeous day over on the beach. We also drove to Treasure Island beach. It’s still considered something of the gay beach. I was wearing an Appalachian State Univ. t-shirt, and a guy at the beach came up asking if I was from North Carolina. As it turns out, he lived in Greensboro, not too far from where I lived. He now lives in Temple Terrace (north Tampa).

I took a few pictures with the camera in the phone while over at the beach. You can click on the photo here to see them all. That is probably the only thing I have a real problem with on this phone. The camera sucks…but then again, it’s a phone…not a camera.

Speaking of cameras. The battery in my digital would run down after eight or ten shots, so we did stop Friday for a replacement. That was $40. I hope it is just the battery.

Anyway, we’re home, and back that the usual grind.

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