Dec 072006

As you’re probably now aware, Darth Cheney’s lesbian daughter, Mary, is great with child. Naturally, there is a lot of reactions to this, and of course the AmTaliban are just beside themselves.

I found one of the most despicable and disturbing quotes to be from Carrie Gordon Earll, (not surprisingly) a policy analyst for the conservative Christian ministry Focus on the Family. According to Ms. Earll, it’s just not important whether or not the child is loved, so long as it is born to a heterosexual couple. Said Ms. Earll, “Love can’t replace a mother and a father.”

And who is Carrie Gordon Earll? A doctor? A researcher? Nope. She has Masters of Arts degree (a 30-hour program) from Trinity International University – a conservative religious school with no graduate level science programs.

Let me tell you something, that is just the biggest bunch of bat-shit crazy wingnuttery I think I have ever heard. I have personally heard a seven year old observe about his heterosexual parents, “I’d be better off without them, and they’d be better off without me.” This is a kid who’s not hungry or homeless, and is loved and cared for by an extended family, but has come to realize his actual parents could care less about him. Let me say again, I heard this first hand, and if that doesn’t rip your heart out, nothing ever will. (Lay or I go to St. Pete to help him with his homework, because his parents can’t be bothered.)

But according to Focus on The Family, the only requirement for having children and being good parents is heterosexuality. Love’s just not important. This is genuinely a sick bunch of people.

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