Dec 182012

Voting Screen - CartoonLittle Bobby Knight, he of the conservative “private sector” over at One News now, has written a piece in which he makes this accusation, “Liberals, whose lifeblood is government red ink, are working around the clock to move America closer to one-party rule.” So how is we’re doing all this you ask? Well, according to Bob, by an assault on election integrity.

Let’s do a little analysis of Bob’s article. First, he talks about the idea of doing away with the Electoral College. I have absolutely no doubt that had Mitt Romney won the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College vote, he and the other conservatives would be screaming bloody hell. Let us not forget they fully support the Constitution when it protects their perceived right to discriminate by invoking “religious liberty” (to which the Constitution doesn’t speak), or their right to bare arms, but would move to restrict freedom of speech with an amendment to ban flag burning. Let’s just not pretend they believe the Constitution to be sacrosanct…just like with their Bible, they pick and chose.

Bob states, “Apart from their destruction of the Founders’ idea of self-government by an informed citizenry, “automatic'” registration and direct popular vote would damage the states’ constitutionally appointed role of conducting elections.” Electors are merely pledged to the winning candidate (unlike in the early days), so how is it they are some more “informed” than the general electorate?

He goes on to talk about the “states’ constitutionally appointed role,” but later in this very same article complains about the fact that two (not one but two) STATE courts in Wisconsin ruled that the Voter ID law in that STATE violated that STATE’s Constitution. I don’t get it. Does he want the States running their own elections, or not?

In general, he has a problem with making it more convenient to vote. He thinks we shouldn’t be able to get an absentee ballot for “no excuse.” I have to travel often on short notice (because I work, in the private sector). Several times, I’ve been out-of-town on election day, but the travel came up only after the deadline to apply for an absentee ballot had passed. So, does Bobby want me to work and not vote, or become part of “Big Bird’s Food Stamp Army” (see his article for this insulting comment) so I can vote? Which is it jerk?

And heaven no, we can’t have college students voting. Here, he just tells a bold-faced lie (but conservatives like little Bobby never let the facts get in the way of a good fiction). He states the students voted “on the spot.” Not true. In the same paragraph he states any political rally had to be at least 300 feet from the polling place…that’s the length of a football field, and not “on the spot.” Furthermore, in the case he’s citing, the polling place was actually more than 300 feet away (again, let’s not worry about the facts or anything).

I live in Florida where the Republican controlled state legislature and governor have done everything in their power to suppress voting, and I think they found one person who was registered improperly. Wow, all that effort, money, and attempts at voter suppression for one lousy vote (and oh, by the way, if memory serves, the guy was registered as a Republican, but either way, it certainly didn’t change the outcome of the election, and that’s why conservatives are so sore). So please Bob, go quietly back to your job in the private sector.

Yet another case of the Right Wing-nuts accusing progressives of doing the exact thing they are doing…screwing up the voting process.

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