Liberal Media Ignoring Al Qaeda Torture Manuals?

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Jun 022007

Last week the U.S. Military reported finding Al Qaeda torture manuals in a “safe house” in Iraq. The pro-torture wingnuts are all atwitter with the news, as they get out there to say, “they do it too.” As if that’s all the license the U.S. needs to condone torture.

Bush followers are now issuing statements about how the “liberal” media is silent on the issue of the discovery of these torture manuals (or at least putting the stories on back pages). There is a reason for this disparity in reporting, and in a column at, Glenn Greenwald says it best:

The reason that it is news that the U.S. tortures, but not news that Al Qaeda does, is because Al Qaeda is a barbaric and savage terrorist group which operates with no limits, whereas the U.S. is supposed to be something different than that. Isn’t it amazing that one even needs to point that out?

Of course, the Bush wingnuts and the Neocons just don’t get the difference. It remains a very sad commentary on how low the values of this country have dropped.