May 312006

Citizens have been writing about the imperial aspirations of this White House since shortly after Bush’s first inauguration. Helen Thomas fired a tough broadside on the subject back in 2002. And just this week Gary Hart wrote a comprehensive summary of our current constitutional crisis.

Yet for six years now Congress has stayed silent.The President executive ordered torture, rendition (so they could perform even more gruesome torture) and eavesdropping on every American who ever used a phone,

And Congress, the co-equal branch of government’s response? Zip.

Alberto Gonzalez and John Yoo brazenly proclaimed a “unitary executive theory” for the American commander-in-chief that Stalin would have envied.

And our elected leaders in the House and in the Senate sat on their hands.

Finally, now that Rep. William Jefferson was nabbed with $90,000 in his freezer and is getting ready for his perp walk; now that a huge swath of very powerful Republicans are cowering under the shadow of impending Abramoff-related investigations, Congress is standing up to the dangerous and gross overreaches of the executive branch.

I guess I shouldn’t complain. As long as it saves the Republic I’m all for it.

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