Dec 162007

Mike Huckabee FamilyFrom Crooks and Liars – Well, it seems that Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee has a little bit of a Michael Vick problem. He’s apparently worked to cover up the fact that his then 18 year old son and another teenager got fired from working at a Boy Scout Camp back in 1998. Seems they caught a stray dog, hung it, slit its throat, and stoned it for good measure.

You can read quotes from the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette by going to Dogster’s. It seems he was never punished for it. I guess Mike Vick had the money but not influence that Daddy Huckabee has, so Junior was never charged, despite admitting to the crime. Actually though, as it turns out, David Huckabee actually didn’t kill the dog, he merely exposed it to some enhanced interrogation techniques, and then the dog committed suicide to embarrass him.

That’s just who we need running around Washington, DC under daddy’s protection.

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