Jan 252008

DUI – TBO.com
While drunk driving is never a good idea, Jeannine Marie Canfield, 53, of Tampa, took even that too far when she side-swiped a deputies patrol car early this morning, then kept going. Canfield faces multiple charges, including driving under the influence, leaving the scene of a crash with damage, possession of a drug without a prescription and possession of a controlled substance. It seems she also had 55 Valium pills in a prescription bottle with a conflicting label and 52 Flexural pills, for which she did not have a prescription.

Prison Contraband Arrests – News Channel 8
Oops, it seems that 11 people have been arrested for smuggling contraband into the Federal Prison in Bushnell. Nine are prison employees, one is an inmate, and the other is a girlfriend of a prison worker. They were taking in heroin, cigarettes (at $100/pack) and cell phones for $2,000. I’m just wondering prisoner has that kind of money?

Sangria in VA
I read a story today about a restaurant owner being fined $2,000 in VA because they served Sangria. Apparently, in the Commonwealth of VA, it’s illegal to mix wine or beer with spirits. I guess that means boiler makers are also illegal in VA. I was talking to someone who lives there today, and told him they needed to come on into the 20th century…never mind joining the rest of us in the 21st, just get to the 20th century.

New Port Richey Middle School Links to Porn Site – TBO
A web domain transfer resulted in a link on the Gulf Middle School linking to a gay porn site. OK, so fix it, but you would not believe the big deal being made about. Letters to parents, and all sorts of crap. This apparently comes after a TV report that student at Gulf could link from the school’s resource officer’s MySpace page to one of his friends, and then on to a sex site. Good grief, is this all reporters have to do…check three levels of links from every school resource officer’s website.

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