Feb 242009

The Supreme Court has declined to take up the case of a Kentucky High School student who wants to sue the school district for barring him from expressing opposition to homosexuality.

365gay.com has the following report:

Morrison, a senior at Boyd County High School, sued the Boyd County school district over a policy that required students to undergo anti-harassment training. He claimed the policy threatened him with punishment for expressing religious beliefs in opposition to homosexuality. Morrison is a professed Christian who believes his religion requires him to speak out against what he sees as behavior that doesn’t comport with his understanding of Christian morality.

Morrison was never punished under the policy, which was later changed to exempt speech that would normally be protected off campus.

Given all that, the Federal Appeals Court in Cincinnati had ruled last year that Morrison had failed to show any harm to him by the policy, and had dismissed the suit. I can hardly wait to see how onenewsnow.com reports this story. I’m sure they’ll claim the student was jailed for his beliefs or something equally absurd because we all know, we can’t go around training Christians to not harass other people. It’s their God-given right.

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