Aug 042010

OK, I admit I’d not given much thought to the Democratic Primary for 11th Congressional District. I’m not overly impressed with Cathy Castor, but she’s generally socially progressive, so I expected to vote for her. I frankly didn’t even know she had an opponent. That changed tonight, and Tim Curtis has earned my vote.

I was sitting here at my desk when the phone rang. A man on the other end of the line said he was calling to encourage me to vote for Tim Curtis for Congress in primary. As I noted, I was a little surprised since I wasn’t even aware someone else was running. I explained to the gentleman that I didn’t have strong feelings one way or the other about Rep. Castor, and was more or less OK with her positions on most things. Then I asked him why I should vote for Mr. Curtis. He seemed to be taken a little off guard, and said, “Well, I have him here in another room, can I have him call you back in a few minutes, and he can tell you that?” I said sure.

Surprisingly, a couple of minutes later the telephone rang, and it was Tim Curtis. We went down the list of issue. He’s a fiscal conservative, but suprisingly progressive on social issues. He believes DOMA is unconstitutional because government has inserted itself by issuing licenses, therefore, it’s a civil matter, and everyone must treated equally under the law. He was a little hazy on ENDA, and as an ex-Marine, he was against repealing DADT.

He was against TARP, but also generally against the stimulus as well.

We obviously differed on a few things, but we clearly agreed on more than we disagreed on, and as I was ringing off I had to admit to him that Cathy Castor had never given me the time of day, so I had to vote for him just because he had spent nearly an hour working to earn my vote. We had a very civil discussion, especially on the points on which we disagreed, and I think he gave my views and appropriate amount of weight. I realize he may not be responsive if he happens to win, but he took time out once, so I owe him my vote.

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  1. Mr. Masters,
    Wanted to let you know that Tim Curtis will be there to hear every step of the way. He has guaranteed quarterly meetings with the constituents that he will be there to hear your voice.
    Thank you for your vote and God Bless!
    Kimberly Kelley
    PR/Media Relations
    Tim Curtis for Congress

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