Apr 252012

Since the Mayor gave Newt (serial adulterer, family values, thrice married, marriage is between one man and three women) Gingrich a key to the City today, consider me a native of El Bethel. Bad enough my Old Home State is trying to write discrimination into the State’s Constitution, now they are turning over the key to one of the sleaziest people to ever come out of Washington, D.C. And all this on the day he was ending his campaign anyways.

I can’t get over the quote someone gave to a WSOC reporter for the story on their website, “I just trust him to no end.” I’ll just bet you won’t get that same answer from either of his two ex-wives, especially the one he brought divorce papers to while she was in the hospital being treated for cancer. When we are down to making statements like that about a person like Newt…I fear for the future of the Republic.

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