Jul 112014
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Louie GohmertWell, you had to know it wouldn’t take long for Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas, naturally) to earn our Daily Douche award. (I can imagine Louie becoming the reigning champion.) So Louie, ever obsessed with illegal aliens, now has a solution for the child refugees fleeing the drug wars in their Central American home countries. Louie thinks we should invade Mexico just like John Pershing did in pursuing Pancho Villa (so successfully).

“If he wanted to, he could do what Woodrow Wilson did — and he’s certainly not one of my favorite presidents,” Gohmert said on Tuesday. “But after Pancho Villa’s gangs came across, I believe in Arizona, and killed some American families, he said, ‘That’s it.’ He sent John Pershing with troops into Mexico. And you can read some different versions. Tens of thousands of National Guard were put on the border. And Dan, nobody came in that we didn’t want to come in.”

First, let’s remember that the Mexican Constitution prohibits foreign troops in Mexico, so they’d have to treat an invasion by our troops as an act of war, and because of that Constitutional prohibition, can’t invite our troops in. Of course, Louie’s never shown himself to be much of an U.S. constitutional scholar, so why would we expect him to bother with the Constitution of any other country.

But the really fun aspect of his statement, has to do with Pershing’s pursuit of Pancho Villa. Let’s take a trip down that historical lane. Louie is likely referring to a March 1916 attack by Villa and his supporters against a detachment of the Army’s 13th Cavalry Regiment in Columbus, New Mexico, in which eighteen U.S. residents were killed. In response, Pershing and 5,000 Army troops pursued Villa’s forces in Mexico for nearly a year, to no avail. So, how’d that work for us Professor Gohmert?

Louie, as usual, has unidentified (he seems to never get anyone’s name) “border patrolmen” telling him they have spotted more immigrants entering the U.S. from “countries in which radical Islamic terrorism exists.” “It’s constantly increasing,” he told radio host Dan Maduri. “So the radical Islamists, they’re not missing a bet, they understand the border’s open, so they’re coming, drugs coming, sex trafficking’s coming, and it’s got to stop.”

Full Story at The Raw Story.

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