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Little Marco Rubio at the 2014 NRA Convention

Little Marco Rubio at the 2014 NRA Convention

We supposedly have a representative form of government, carrying out the will of the people. Nearly 90% of Americans are in favor of increased background checks and prohibiting terrorists from buying guns. But I guess 90% isn’t representative enough for Republicans. This being the result of votes on 4 gun control measures in the U.S. Senate last night.

Little Marco Rubio’s vote cost the NRA $4,950.00. That’s right, Rubio sold his vote to the NRA for just under $5,000.  That’s the contribution he got from the NRA in campaign contributions.

Let’s do some math, shall we? Let’s take Marco’s price tag for his vote, $4,950.00, and let’s divide it by 49. In case you don’t know the importance of that number, it’s the number killed in the Orlando Massacre by a person known to the FBI to have made terrorist threats, but who was still able to buy a high-powered, high-capacity, rapid-firing military grade weapon, and tons of ammunition…legally. And the result of that calculation? $101.02.

That’s one-hundred and one dollars and two cents. So that means that Little Marco values an LGBT life at less than $101.02.

It could be even worse. Let’s do the same calculation using 102. That would be the total number killed and wounded (nearly killed). That works to $48.53 per LGBT life. So, that’s what you are worth to Marco Rubio. About $50.

I can’t decide whether I’m more angry at how little value he places on the lives of LGBT people, or how fucking cheap he was to buy off.

I'll just note here the butt of the gun is, and how he's holding it. Talk about an ammosexual.

I’ll just note here the butt of the gun is, and how he’s holding it. Talk about an ammosexual.

As a side note, since I hail from North Carolina, at least Richard Burr places a higher value on his vote. Burr has received $805,219.00 for his vote. Thom Tillis got over $4M. See the entire list here>>

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