The Jokes WriteThemselves for Senator Franken

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Jul 202011
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The Senate today held hearings on the Defense of Marriage Act. There were a lot of poignant moments, but Senator Al Franken may have pulled off one of the best exchanges of the day. Franken is a smart guy, and these idiots from the hate organizations need to not sell him short. They may get away with making shit up with other Senators, but not much gets by Sen. Franken.

Tommy Minnery of Focus On The Lives of People we Don’t like Family testified at the hearing. In the written statement he submitted Minnery thought he’d score points by citing a study by the government’s own Department of Health and Human Services. Minnery claimed in his testimony that the study said children in families with heterosexual parents do best. He was, rightfully I’m sorry to say, expecting that most Senators hadn’t done their homework. Unfortunately for Minnery, the study says any two parents will work just fine, and Senator Franken took time to read the study. Hilarity ensues as Sen. Franken leads Mr. Minnery right up to the gallows, and let’s Minnery himself pull the lever. Apparently he didn’t bother to read the study either.

Al Franken Freehands a Map of The U.S.

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Sep 242009

Al Franken Draws The United States Of America on April 28, 2007 in Rochester, Minnesota. This is very cool If you haven’t seen this yet. Not only could I not draw them, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t even write in the names.

Now many other U.S. Senators could do this?