Jul 152014
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As we all know, there is a refugee problem on our southern border as nearly 50,000 children (many unaccompanied) are making the dangerous trek to try to escape grinding poverty and violence in their home countries for a better life. But the country which gave our ancestors their chance at a better life for us, who took in the tired and the poor of the world, is no longer open for charity. The white “Christians” have theirs now, so the doors are closed, and that’s why the anti-children Christians get today’s Douche Award.

Tea Partyers and Republicans of all stripes, most claiming the mantle of Christianity, have literally ganged up on buses loaded with these children doing nothing more than taking them to processing centers. They will literally kill people for performing abortions, do all they can to end a woman’s right to control her body, and claim that a fertilized egg is a human, but once you’re born…fuck you.

Paul BabeuWe even have Arizona’s Pinal County Sheriff, Paul Bebeu, who leaked that 40 of the Children would be transported to a Children’s Academy in Oracle. The response has been for local protesters to promise to black the bus, as has happened in other places. You can’t imagine the hate that’s just dripping in the comments on this article about it. Let me remind of what a great guy Babeu is. He’s a closeted gay man who was dating an illegal immigrant himself, and threatened to have his lover deported if he outed him. So, he’s OK with illegal immigrants who “service” him, but not others.

I daily grow more disgusted by the selfishness and hatred espoused by these so-called Christians. They seem to lack even the smallest understand of scripture that isn’t about condemning others. They miss the entire Gospel Message of, each to his own needs, and now they’ve thrown that whole part about suffering the little children to come unto, for is such the kingdom of heaven. Continue reading »

Robert Jeffress – Foul Pharisee

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Jul 142014
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Robert Jeffress (R Pharisee)

Robert Jeffress (R Pharisee)

Perhaps nothing is more troubling to me at this time in my life than the insertion of religion into politics. Mega-Church pastors become political pundits, and it never comes to a good end.  Thomas Jefferson himself wrote in 1813, “History, I believe, furnishes no example of a priest-ridden people maintaining a free civil government. This marks the lowest grade of ignorance of which their civil as well as religious leaders will always avail themselves for their own purposes.” Robert Jeffres, appearing on Fox News, suddenly decides he’s a border security expert, and that whole thing about “suffer the children to come unto me,” well, that’s just for white protestant children.

We have an influx of children making their way to the U.S. from a number of embattled Central American countries. These are countries with grinding poverty and raging drug wars in which it is nearly impossible for children to hide from. In most of these cases, the parents are sending these children, knowing the dangers of the journey, but believing that what lies on the other side is better enough to be worth the risk.

It is stunning how today’s “godly folk” use the Christian moniker yet act in a ways diametrically the opposite of the principles announced by Christ and the behavior he exhibited if one believes the Gospel narratives.  Christ’s focus was the poor and down trodden and he socialized with the outcasts of the society of his day.  The main targets of Christ’s condemnation?  The Pharisees who we see reincarnated in today’s conservative Christians who are best known for their hypocrisy and utter hatred towards anyone who doesn’t think, look and love like they do.  Continue reading »

Rush Tells Hungry Kids To Go Dumpster Diving

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Jun 182010

Hat tip to Joe My God for this video of Rush on his show getting bent out of shape about the fact that 16 million children will go hungry this summer without their school lunch. Since he can’t miss a chance to slam any Obama, he proceeds to say that since Michele Obama thinks kids are too fat, maybe it would be good for these kids to go hungry all summer.

He believes that liberals don’t understand that no parent would ever let their child go hungry. Rush has forgotten the real world when he too fed at the public trough. And would tell him to look around.

The irony of someone Rush’s size suggesting it would be good for fat children to go hungry all summer pales with the knowledge that, according to Al Franken’s book “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Liar,” Rush himself has fed at the public trough. Yes friends, there was a time when Rush was out of work and using food stamps and unemployment checks to sustain himself.

OK for him, but now that he no longer has to worry about it, it’s not OK for everyone else. I used to believe that karma brought a reckoning, but when someone as vile as this man lives in luxury and is worshiped by people in this country, all faith for any reckoning is lost.


U.S. Uses Children for Leverage in War On Terror

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Jun 212006

Unforunately, reports such as this no longer come as?a surprise to me. Two young sons of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the September 11 attacks, are being used by the CIA to force their father to talk.

Yousef al-Khalid, 9, and his brother, Abed al-Khalid, 7, were taken into custody in Pakistan in September, 2003,?when intelligence officers raided a flat in Karachi where their father had been hiding.

This administrations good ‘ole American values are on display more and more. The shameful part is 31% of Americans still agree with Bush…and most of the rest of us are sitting on our hands not yet feeling enough outrage to demand that Congress impeach the bastard.