Dallas Pastor Lays Down the Law On Gay Marriage

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Jun 082012
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Jim Burroway at Box Turtle Bulletin brings this YouTube video to our attention. It is Pastor Frederick B. Haynes of Friendship West Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas preaching about the hating on Obama on his stance around gay marriage. I don’t know how, but I’m thankful that here is a minister who gets it, and isn’t afraid to say so.

“…But whatever you like to ostracize other people it’s because there’s a fear that you have yourself, and the fear that you have finds itself rooted in an ignorance of other people. Or in a projection of your issues. Either there’s ignorance or there is a projection of your issues…It really blows my mind how outraged you are. You are so outraged over what the President said. …

…Have you ever read the Gospel and heard Jesus say anything about homosexuality?”

The Usual Travails of Travel

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Jun 112008

I’m headed to Dallas on business. My American Airlines flight was due to leave at 2:40 this afternoon. It’s now schedule to leave at 4:45. If it does, I make it in time to give my presentation tomorrow, but I miss the dinner this evening.

Luckily, the American flights here in Tampa leave from the same terminal as the USAirways flights. USAirways has a club here. I have a membership in the United club, and that reciprocates with USAirways. So at least I’m in a quiet location.

Must be a mechanical problem, as they say they had to find another plane.

Home From Dallas

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Nov 092006

Well, I got home from Dallas late last night (as in just before midnight). Overall, it was a good trip. We caught up with a lot of clients and uncovered a few possible leads. I also had a chance to see people I’d not seen in a while.

They did keep us very busy the whole time starting with 7am breakfasts. Most evenings had either a dinner, dinner with clients and/or receptions. There was a closing reception yesterday afternoon in the restaurant at the top of the Reunion Tower. I’ve posted some of the pictures I took. I wish I’d taken my camera. The camera in the phone seriously sucks.

Evening With an Old Friend in Dallas

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Nov 052006

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m in Dallas this weekend and most of the coming week. The only good thing was I got to see an old friend.

Robert and his lover had been previously invited to dinner at the home of some friends. I went along, and it was a very nice evening. They were a very nice couple, and one was an excellent cook. It was a much more relaxed and comfortable way to spend an evening than sitting in a restaurant.

We had a few glasses of wine, so although I was back at the hotel around 10:30, I crashed when I got in the room. Of course that was 11:30 my time.

The weather is a bit cool here in Dallas, and it is overcast today. Of course, we’ve been stuck inside in training sessions all day. There is a welcome reception tonight. I’m sure a few of our folks will want to go out tonight for dinner. I think I’ll stay in and do some reading tonight.