Oct 182006

And who would know better than the expert on all things gay, James Dobson. [From Ethics Daily]

Dobson said a congressman has told him that several other gay Republicans will be “outed” in coming days. He said he doesn’t know who they are, but, “They say it is going to be worse than anything that has happened so far.”

“They are dribbling this bad news out so eventually the values voters will get to the point so they will say a pox on both your houses; I’m staying home,” Dobson said. “Folks you cannot afford to do that.”

So let’s get this straight: Dobson wants his followers, the “values voters,” to not be deterred by news of closeted homosexuality in the GOP. Isn’t opposing homosexuality a core issue that defines them as “values voters?” Sounds like a mixed signal to us. Especially when the GOP leadership are apparently drunk on the liberal Molotov cocktail known as “Tolerance And Diversity” and are guilty of “shielding” GOP Congressman from being outed.

As Defcon has been reporting, Dobson’s words were reported from a “Justice Sunday” event to a crowd that was “substantially smaller than a ‘Justice Sunday’ event held two years ago in the same church.” His get out the vote tour is tanking.

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