Guns, Booze, and Tennessee Legislators

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Oct 122011
TN Rep Curry Todd

TN Rep. Curry Todd (R-Collierville)

Not too long ago the Teabagger crazy in the Tennessee Legislature decided it would be a good idea to roll back restrictions on where a person shouldn’t carry guns.  So Rep. Curry Todd decided it would be a good idea to introduce a law allowing handgun carry permit holders to bring guns into bars. Because, you know, guns and drunks are always a successful combination…if your wish is to clean up the gene pool.

Unfortunately, Rep. Todd forgot about another law in Tennessee making it illegal to be in possession of a fireman when intoxicated. It also appears he forgot about the law against driving drunk because he was caught doing both. According to the Associated Press:

Police say in court documents that the Collierville Republican was pulled over in Nashville late Tuesday. He allegedly failed a roadside sobriety test and refused to take a breathalyzer. A loaded Smith & Wesson 38 Special was found in a holster stuffed between the driver seat and the center console.

I’m betting Rep. Todd’s next bill will be a repeal of the laws making it illegal to be drunk and packing, and who knows, he might just try to repeal the drunk diving law, then he won’t have to worry about it.

As is usual from the Republican Teabaggers, there’s been no comment.

UPDATE: Well, here’s the mugshot. Definitely someone I want armed.

A Little Habeas for Your Corpus

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Jun 112007

Wow, the courts have sure been busy lately. They have given us lots of fun stuff to cover. Let’s see what we have:

Paris Hilton — OK, we won’t dwell on this case, as it’s a lot like a car wreck. You hate it happened, are pissed because it’s making you late, but you can’t help but slowdown and look as you go by. I do want to comment on those that think she’s getting jail time because she’s a celebrity…”after all,” they say, “she was only violated once on her probation.” Well, she’s had a couple of DWI’s, and been stopped several times for driving on a suspended license. The first time, the paper she’d signed agreeing to not drive was in the car with her. Come on, she thought she could get away with it. I’m fine with her doing some time.

Genarlow Wilson — You’ve probably never heard of Mr. Wilson, but a couple of years ago he received a felony sentence of 10 years in jail, and a sexual offender designation for having sex with a 15 year old girl. Sounds bad, right? Well the sex was consensual, and at the time Wilson was a 17 year old honor student and athlete in high school. A Georgia judge decided to use a little common sense and reduce the charge to a misdemeanor sexual battery charge, with a sentence of time served. Not surprisingly, Georgia Attorney General Thurbert Baker said Monday afternoon that he had filed notice of appeal, arguing that Georgia law does not give a judge authority to reduce or modify the sentence imposed by the trial court.

Robert Alan Soloway — Mr. Soloway is been dubbed variously the Seattle Spammer and the King of Spam. In a U.S. District Court in Seattle on 10 counts of mail fraud, 5 counts of wire fraud, 2 counts of e-mail fraud, 5 counts of aggravated identity theft and 13 counts of money laundering. According to MSNBC:

“Spam is a scourge of the Internet, and Robert Soloway is one of its most prolific practitioners. Our investigators dubbed him the Spam King because he is responsible for millions of spam e-mails,” Jeffrey Sullivan, U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington, said in a statement.

Soloway is being accused of operating false Web sites and more than 50 domains, through which he posed as an advertiser offering legitimate “broadcast e-mail services” with “permission-based opt-in e-mail addresses.” He allegedly deceived legitimate businesses into buying marketing software and services that turned out to be spam tools. Businesses that complained were met with intimidation and threats, according to the allegations against Soloway.

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