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President Comments on Jason Collins’ Coming Out

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Apr 302013
President Comments on Jason Collins' Coming Out

President Obama says all the right things, if he’d just use the powers he does have to put some of his convictions into practice, I’d be happier. Today, at the end of a press conference, the President pivoted and returned to the podium to take one last question about Jason Collins coming out.

The Crazies of Guns

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Feb 152013
The Crazies of Guns

Some time has lapsed from the horror that was the Newtown shooting, and now there have been even more gun deaths, and five people were shot accidentally on “Gun Appreciation Day,” hastily thrown together by the gun nuts. Now I grew up hunting with my Grandfather and other friends. I know my away around guns, and believe they are something that responsible should have for sporting purposes, but extremists have gone entirely too far with the rhetoric, and their arguments that every person should have totally unfettered access to any kind of gun. So I want to put my own spin in the discussion and dissemble the arguments that I keep hearing circulated.

O Holy Night-Piano

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Dec 252012

I stumbled across Chris Commisso’s YouTube channel some time back. He doesn’t his own arrangements of carols and hymns, and does a great job with arrangements and the performance. This is his arrangement of the old standby, “O Holy Night.” I love this carol and especially this arrangement. It’s totally true to the original tune, but with just enough embellishment to really showcase this pianist’s talents.

Still, Still, Still

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Dec 232012
Still, Still, Still

Maybe my favorite Carol. This version is performed by Aled. I first heard this song performed by the Tampa Gay Men’s Chorus when I lived down here the first time in the Tampa Theater. Things weren’t great in my life at the time, but I remember looking up at that blue lighted ceiling with the tiny lights in it as stars, and I finally felt like things would be OK. This one is worth taking a few minutes out of your day to hear.

Joy to World-Piano

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Dec 212012

This is a piano arrangment of Joy To World I found on Youtube which is pretty good. It’s one of the great classics and had been performed in nearly every combination of voice and instruments imaginable, so it’s never been hard to find one more really good one. I hope you enjoy this few minutes.

Charlie Brown Goes Home

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Dec 192012

Here’s a great video short which follows Charlie Brown as he heads out from New York City to visit home for the holidays. Things worked out about like I would have expected for the main characters. I certainly wouldn’t call it uplifting, but it is good for a chuckle.

Go Tell It On The Mountain – Amazing Organ Version

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Dec 172012

This is an amazing organ version of the old classic, “Go Tell It On The Mountain,” played on the organ in the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City. The pedal work is beyond outstanding. You have to see it to believe it.

Good King Wenceslas-Unbelievable Organ Arrangement

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Dec 152012

This is a really cute and amazing organ arrangement played on the Mormon Tabernacle organ. I believe the arrangement is by the organist. It’s really fun to try to see how many other Christmas songs he managed to slip into it. In addition, it an amazing showcase of his skills and the capabilities of that organ. I hope you enjoy.

Carol of the Bells-The Muppets

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Dec 112012

I confess, I love the Muppets. I have since I was a kid, and I’d still watch their show if it was on. Here’s a version of Hark How The Bells with a few of their more interesting characters. Yes, it’s cheesy, but that’s what makes it fun, and isn’t that a whole lot of what the season is supposed to be about? Take a minute, and put a smile on your face. You won’t be able to help yourself.

Charlie Brown Christmas Music

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Dec 072012

Who can forget the Vince Geraldi score for “A Charlie Brown Christmas?” I stumbled across this guys videos of his interpretations of all sorts of songs. He seems to do requests from followers. Anyway, enjoy his version of medley from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Hope you helps you get in the mood.