The Elliot Spitzer Affair

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Mar 112008

Good grief, could any more be made of this? New York Governor Elliot Spitzer had apparently been paying for a little something on the side, so now the Republicans demand that he resign. Senator David Vitter (R. Louisiana) was implicated in a prostitution case, but never resigned…why the double standard?

Spitzer is like Bill Clinton. He is a very smart guy who has done a lot of good. This makes lots of bad people really mad at you (read Republicans). He revealed schemes that were costing ordinary people to pay more for their insurance. He slapped down people who were a half-step from blatant self-dealing. He exposed such stuff as bid rigging. Got of Dick and George’s friends into some serious trouble.

Then he goes and does a really really dumb thing. Also like Clinton, he obviously couldn’t control some stupid urges for just a few years. It was a dumb thing to do, and it’s idiotic to be in such a highly visible public office, and think you can get away with it. It’s also wrong. He’s a married man with a family, and his family will deal with him appropriately.

However, let’s look at this situation. First, how did this all get started. The story is that a bank sent a suspicious activity report to the IRS, so federal agents started investigating. Duhh. Spitzer is a wealthy man. I’m guessing he moves around large sums fairly regularly. That’s what rich people do. So now we have our FBI taking resources from that all consuming, all import war on terror protecting the homeland bullshit to investigate a high class hooker operation. I love how my tax dollars get spent.

So then what happens. Spitzer calls an “escort service” in Washington to arrange for an “escort.” OK, as noted above, it is the wrong thing to do…no question, but now we have the Republicans and the media coming out with talking points and headlines about Spitzer being “involved in a prostitution ring.” Listen to me…the guy hired a hooker. Saying he’s involved in a prostitution ring is like me saying I’m involved in the fast food franchise business just because I ate at McDonald’s one day last week. Get a grip people.

In an MSNBC report, you have law enforcement officials disclosing the gory details to make it look as bad as possible, but then demand anonymity because of “the sensitivity of the case.” Give me a break. If the case is so sensitive, what difference does it make if they disclose this information officially or anonymously? I’m sure it has nothing to do with Spitzer taking down a few of Dick Cheney’s Wall Street buddies.

And here’s a word to you Republican Assembly Leader Tedisco. Until you demand that Vitter resign from the U.S. Senate, you need to shut up about Spitzer.

Vitter Has Double Standard-Big Suprise There, He's a Senator

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Jul 172007

Senator David Vitter is the United States Senator who was on the phone records for the D.C. Madame. He went into exclusion for a while, then came to give a brief statement, have his wife pimp for him, and then duck out the back door as if nothing had happened. It was a pretty shameful display, and I’ve sent him the following letter: 

Hon. David Vitter
United States Senate
516 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator Vitter:

I watched your “press conference” today, and can’t begin to describe my disappointment. While I realize the political establishment is rife with hypocrisy, rarely have I seen a more arrogant display.

You march your wife in to attempt to shame the media and public because it is, “a private affair between a husband and wife.” You certainly didn’t feel that way when someone else (read Clinton) was involved, and in fact built your political career bashing Clinton and calling for his resignation for the same thing for which you are guilty. Why do you think you get a free pass?

You attempted to play the “victim card,” claiming this was all the fault of some of your political enemies. Hogwash Senator! Unless you have proof it was your political enemies calling the brothel from your phone, then this situation is entirely of your making.

I’m not a prude. I don’t care to hear the sexual proclivities of other people…even politicians. I agree it should be between a couple. The government and the media have no business in that part of anyone’s life, but you sir are the one that has taken the fight to the streets. You publicly bashed President Clinton; you demean gay people and try to restrict their rights to live in peace and love who they choose; you demand absolute moral purity from every elected official not “on your side” of the issues; you proclaim your absolute support for “family values” in the public discourse…so no sir, you don’t get a free pass.

You called on another politician to resign for his sexual promiscuity. I expect you to hold yourself to that same standard of conduct.

D.C. Madame, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, One Smart Cookie

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Apr 302007

This is gonna be a lot of fun to watch. Deborah Jeane Palfrey says she wasn’t a pimp, but ran a legitimate and legal escort service. The government, it appears, has not gone after a single one of her johns (wonder why), so she’s going to illicit their help in her defense.

Former Deputy Secretary of State Randall Tobias was caught with his hand the cookie jar, and has already resigned. As I believe Ms. Palfrey expected, Mr. Tobias claims he only received legal and legitimate massages from Ms. Martin’s contractor.

Her gambit is to call on a bunch of high profile beltway officials who will have to get on the stand and say they never paid for sex, only for legal massages and escort services (no happy endings here folks…nothing to see, move along). Since it doesn’t appear the government has any tapes of these guys making their propositions, I’d say the government’s case may just fall flat on its face. Good for her.