Aug 082007

NYC from Jersey City at Night Wow! Did a recent business trip to New York City turn into a bit of an adventure. We had a meeting in town, and I’d found what I thought was a reasonably priced hotel one block from the meeting site. The boss went on Priceline, and found rooms in Jersey City for $125. It was a Hyatt, and a nice place.Of course it also meant getting there from La Guardia. He’d planned to pick me up, but traffic getting back into the City on a Sunday evening in the Summer is as bad as any weekday rush hour. He didn’t make it, so I had to get a limo to Jersey City. Got in at 10pm to the airport, and it took nearly 2 hours to get to the hotel.

The next day, being that we were on the water, we decided to take the Water Taxi across the river. Then there was a bus that took us to the subway stop….subway to station near the meeting location. After the meeting, it was a taxi to La Guardia, and a plane home to Tampa. So between Sunday and Monday this week, I think I was on just about every form of transportation available.

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