Jan 212009

Dick Cheney showed up at the Inauguration in a wheelchair. The official story was that he’d hurt his back while lifting a box the night before. Seeing him “crippled,” and being wheeled around on his last day as Vice President was a suitable coda to the worst administration in history of America, and while it may not matter anymore, I’m not buying the official story.

First, Dick Cheney may be one of the most arrogant human beings I’ve ever seen. I don’t believe for a minute that he would condescend to lift a box. He had “people” to do the manual labor.

More important though were some unusual looking things in the few quick shots I saw of him. Cheney never didn’t have that arrogant snear on his face, but yesterday it wasn’t there. His head was somewhat slumped over, and he was withdrawn. I didn’t see him interact with anyone. The lady pushing him the entire time didn’t look like she was a family member, and she had this bulky backpack on the entire time. I believe she was a nurse or doctor, and the backpack included medical equipment.

I think Cheney had either a cardiac event or some sort of vascular disruption Monday, and they didn’t want admit it.

I have no proof, but I also have absolutely no reason to believe any story put out by the Bush Administration, and my eyes and intuition tell me something else.

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  1. Absolutely – I think he had a stroke; the woman pushing the wheelchair definitely seemed like a medical professional, he didn’t move his left hand which was in a glove and his face seemed drawn on one side… and I’m sure we will never know the truth – he lied to the very end!

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