Jan 022009

How to Not Recycle Your Paystub
A bank robber in Chicago chose a very poor way of recycling his paystub when he used as the hold-up note in a bank robbery. The FBI says the man walked into a Fifth Third Bank and handed the tell a note that said, “Be Quick Be Quit (sic). Give your cash or I’ll shoot.” He got about $400, left half the note in the bank, and the other half on the ground outside the bank. He was arrested at his home address (on the paystub) a couple of hours later.

Pay For The Soda Already
A 27 year old guy in Eau Claire, Wis. went into a store, took a cup, filled it, drank it, then refused to pay. Tellers called the police who told the obviously drunk guy to pay the $1.57  for the soda or go to jail. He elected jail, so when the cops frisked him, they found $70 in his pocket.

Paintballing to Prevent Drunken Driving
OK, so here’s a novel use of your paintball gun. Kennewick, WA police responded to a call about a man shooting the windshield of a car. When they arrived, 41 year-old Shawn Wallace explained he was covering the windshield of his friend’s care to prevent him from driving drunk.

Muslims Can’t Talk on AirTran
Atif Irfan, an attorney and an American Citizen, and eight members of his family were removed from an AirTran flight out of Reagan Airport in D.C. (bound for Orlando) after someone overheard them discussing which seats on a plane were the safest. After interviews with the FBI, the family members were cleared, but AirTran refused to rebook them.

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