Is The Left To Blame for Today’s Shootings?

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Jun 142017

I think the shooter, combined with the ready availability of guns, is to blame for today’s shooting. Of course, in their usual fashion, Republicans rush to blame anyone but themselves. Gabbie Giffords, herself a victim of an assassination attempt made a post today expressing her sorrow and support.

The ammo-sexuals didn’t receive that too well. Here are a few examples:

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Jun 212016
Little Marco Rubio at the 2014 NRA Convention

Little Marco Rubio at the 2014 NRA Convention

We supposedly have a representative form of government, carrying out the will of the people. Nearly 90% of Americans are in favor of increased background checks and prohibiting terrorists from buying guns. But I guess 90% isn’t representative enough for Republicans. This being the result of votes on 4 gun control measures in the U.S. Senate last night.

Little Marco Rubio’s vote cost the NRA $4,950.00. That’s right, Rubio sold his vote to the NRA for just under $5,000.  That’s the contribution he got from the NRA in campaign contributions.

Let’s do some math, shall we? Let’s take Marco’s price tag for his vote, $4,950.00, and let’s divide it by 49. In case you don’t know the importance of that number, it’s the number killed in the Orlando Massacre by a person known to the FBI to have made terrorist threats, but who was still able to buy a high-powered, high-capacity, rapid-firing military grade weapon, and tons of ammunition…legally. And the result of that calculation? $101.02. Continue reading »

Jun 202016
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DOUCHES_1Let it never be said that NRA Chief, Wayne LaPierre, let a gun massacre go by without encouraging the sell of even more guns. Yes folks, this douche-bag, just a week from the worst gun massacre is out selling the false narrative (debunked here) that this was a terrorist attack, and they are coming for you, so you’d better buy more guns.

In the wake of the massacre at Pulse night club in Orlando, National Rifle Association (NRA) Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre argued on CBS’s Face The Nation Sunday that American families should arm themselves because terrorists were “on the verge of overwhelming us.” Continue reading »

Jun 132016

4-LiesThere’s much I can say about the massacre in Orlando, and will write more about that after some reflection, but this one topic was too clear and obvious to need any reflection. It is time to end the NRA claim about how a “good-guy-with-a-gun” will rush in and save the day, if only there’s one around.

I don’t believe a single event should set a precedent or make a point, so I’ll start with another example. A Facebook “friend” posted an article about one of these always-armed ammosexuals, who was claimed in the article to be a hero. Apparently around May 30, 2016, in a Houston Mall, a 25-year-old Army veteran allegedly suffering from PTSD opened fire. Concealed carry permit holder Byron Wilson drew his handgun and engaged the shooter. The article she posted claimed Wilson was a hero because he ran towards the shooting and not away.

Wilson was shot three times, along with seven other people. It took the local SWAT team to take down the shooter. It doesn’t appear Wilson ever even hit the guy. Continue reading »

National Box Cutter Association

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Jun 262015

One has to hand it to the National Rifle Association (NRA), no one is better at controlling the narrative. Take any mass shooting, and the blood won’t be dry at the scene, but they will have already set the narrative in motion to blame the victims for not being armed themselves. They have created a vocal membership instilled with abject fear that they are just moments away fandom being attacked themselves, and through being able to buy more guns, and carry them in more places will they be safe. Never able to understand that the only thing creating the remote the possibility of them being victims is their own insistence of more guns in the hands of more people.

The argument will always be that “guns don’t kill people, people do.” But they never acknowledge that gun violence and murders by guns are only increasing in this country, in proportion to the number of guns sold. Never mind their other meme about how gun laws won’t stop criminals from using guns. In a Facebook conversation following the included graphic, I’ve kept asking, was Charleston shooter Roof a criminal or a legally licensed gun owner? The ammosexuals on the thread simply refuse to answer the question.

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Five Year Old Shoots and Kills Two Year Old Sister

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May 012013

This story, just based on the headline, is a sad enough story. According to a story on UPI from Cumberland County Kentucky (where else), “Caroline Starks, 2, was shot and killed by her 5-year-old brother while he was playing with a .22-caliber rifle he’d been given as a gift.” Young kids can get their hands on lots of things they shouldn’t have, but that’s not the case here. And that’s what makes this story all the more sad.

Apparently the boy was playing with his own rifle, given to him as a gift. OK. so let’s start with, “Who the hell gives a five-year old his own gun?” Even if his parents had given him a gun safety lesson, there are reasons, even if they took a driver’s ed class, we still wouldn’t let a five-year old drive a car. Five-year-old’s “play” with things. That’s what kids do. My nieces, at five, turned a dishwasher box into a playhouse. There is almost nothing kids that age don’t see as a potential toy.

It couldn’t get worse, could it? You betcha, thanks to NRA and the deep pockets of the firearms manufacturers in this country. The gun was made by Keystone Sporting Arms, and branded as Crickett Firearms. This Crickett rifle is target marketed to young people as “My First Rifle,” and includes a cartoon cricket character as a mascot. It’s even sold in different colors to appeal to kids, including a pink model…apparently for girls.

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The Crazies of Guns

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Feb 152013

Some time has lapsed since the horror that was the Newtown shooting, and now there have been even more gun deaths, and five people were shot accidentally on “Gun Appreciation Day,” hastily thrown together by the gun nuts. I grew up hunting with my Grandfather and other friends. I know my away around guns, and believe they are something that responsible people should have for sporting purposes, but extremists have gone entirely too far with the rhetoric, and their arguments that every person should have totally unfettered access to any kind of gun. So I want to put my spin in the discussion and dissemble the arguments that I keep hearing circulated.

funny-christmas-cards-second-amendment-christmasFirst, let’s cut right to the chase on the primary argument that seems to be implied by nearly every gun nut out there. They seem to think that any regulation whatsoever results in them having their guns “pried from their cold dead hands.” I’m tired of hearing this. None of the laws I’ve heard proposed make anyone surrender any guns, and nothing that’s been proposed includes the elimination of all gun sales. We have always had regulations for the sale of guns, and there are still plenty of guns in circulation.

As a society, we have, for nearly the entire life of the Republic, recognized that many things we are entitled to as rights, can still be reasonably restricted to make sure we can all get along. You have a right to free speech, but can’t yell fire in a crowded theater. We live by the principle famously attributed to Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes, “The right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.”

So stop already with the claim that any regulation would somehow prohibit you from owning a shotgun for shooting quail, or even a handgun. It’s just not true.

The other continuing meme that Obama is preparing to take all our guns is beyond ridiculous. His base has been in favor of stricter gun control for the entire time he’s been in office, but up until Newtown, his Administration had never touched the subject.

I’m also tired of the argument that the Constitution provides carte Blanche for gun ownership. Let’s take a look at the language of the Bill of Rights. Amendment I famously begins with the prohibition, “Congress shall make no law…” The founders clearly gave thought to the wording of these original documents. They proscribed the making of laws that regulate some of the rights they believed we inherited, and they used very specific language to do that. They did not, in Amendment II, make any statements limiting the authority of Congress to regulate the ownership of guns. I believe, given the wording of other Amendments, had the people of the time intended for gun ownership to be completely without regulation, they would and could have written it right there in Amendment II. Continue reading »