Jun 082017
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I know the headline comes as a surprise to you, but Right Wing Watch has called attention to an article by some Christian author who, on Charisma News, posted a list of 100 things we Liberals hate about America. I had to read the list, and, of course, since it’s me, I have to comment on it. So let’s just roll right through this list.

This is from Michael Snyder’s article. Of course this paragraph alone merits a response by itself (heck, I could probably write a post about each of his 100 things, but I don’t know if I’ll get that ambitious), but I’ll leave that for a later post. Anyway, here’s what Snyder thinks:

If we want to make America great again, we need to embrace the things that made us great in the first place. Unfortunately, the left tends to hate most of those things. In fact, many leftists will actually tell you that America was never great. These “progressives” want our nation to be fundamentally “transformed” into an entirely different place than our forefathers intended, and they plan to use big government as the tool to conduct that “transformation”.

So, for all your liberals out there…here’s what it turns out, according to Michael Snyder, you hate:[callout]And just for a sense of who Snyder is, here’s the bio from Charisma. Snyder is the founder and publisher of End Of The American Dream. Michael’s controversial new book about Bible prophecy entitled “The Rapture Verdict” is available in paperback and for the Kindle on Amazon.com. He doesn’t seem brag about it, but he also appears to be a frequent guest on Infowars, discussing the coming economic collapse.[/callout]

For reference purposes, items underlined are those things where I agree with Snyder, and actually do hate them.

  1. The U.S. Constitution – Well, actually no, Michael, we love it more than conservatives. We cherish it for its call to us to treat everyone equally. That’s pretty much why you don’t see many liberals with shaved heads and swastika tattoos. We fight for its enforcement when we see women; LGBT people; people of other races; or people of other religions being treated unfairly; or targeted for hate crimes; or laws that single them out. All these things are recent staples of conservatives, Trump, and the Alt-right white supremacists that make up the white Christian conservative movement in America today.
  2. Liberty – So here’s how our friends at Merriam-Webster (it’s an English language dictionary, if you didn’t know thanks to all the conservative cut-backs to education) define “liberty:” the quality or state of being free; freedom from physical restraint; freedom from arbitrary or despotic control; the positive enjoyment of various social, political, or economic rights and privileges; the power of choice. So, no we don’t hate liberty, you all are the ones who elected a despot, and want to control women’s bodies, who people can marry, and which religions are acceptable. so, it might seem you only love liberty that applies to you and your kind, while we “libtards” demand it for everyone.
  3. Freedom – Aw shucks, out comes the dictionary again.  (Doesn’t seem to be your friend today, does it Michael?) Our friend Mr. Webster says this about “freedom:” the quality or state of being free: such as the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action. You know, again, like how conservatives want to impose a religious test on people to run for office, or constrain a woman’s right to control her own body, keep minorities from voting, or tell people who they can and can’t marry. All the things we Liberals fight against you over, seems to define freedom.
  4. Success – Nope, we’re certainly not against success, we’d just like to make sure the playing field is level, so everyone has the same chance at success. Why are you against that. Conservatives continue passing laws which give big business and the rich more and more tax cuts, and greater and greater freedom to abuse and take from the poor and middle class. Combine that with your efforts to make our education system worse, and education harder to get, once again…kind of hard to see how it’s not conservatives who hate success, since you want to reserve it for so few.
  5. Big Trucks – Depends on what you mean. I like the big truck that gets my mail across the country, or the one that delivers food to my local grocery store. Do I hate the ones that have been modified to pump out black smoke and pollution just because some yahoo has a small dick? Well, yeah, I hate those big trucks. But growing up I owned two full size pickups, which were very handy, but I didn’t do my best to increase how much they polluted.
  6. Capitalism – Again, just like with success, no…we’re not opposed to Capitalism, but we do oppose unfettered capitalism which places all the power in the hands of capitalists, and prohibits the workers from being able to organize for their own benefit and protection. We also oppose an uneven playing field, where the already rich can black others from joining their club of wealth, by allowing them to hold monopolies on markets (I’m looking at you Sinclair Broadcasting for example.)
  7. Free Markets – Seems it is the conservatives opposed to the actual free market, since it is Republicans who have passed the tax incentives that encourage businesses to move jobs off-shore. Again, with the uneven playing field. Free market isn’t defined as giving an unfair advantage to other countries through tax incentives to move jobs there, and it’s not a free market when workers can’t organize to gain some control of their own destinies through collective bargaining.
  8. Wealthy People – Nope, but liberals would prefer, as I’ve noted before, a level playing field so anyone could become wealthy, and we do expect the wealthy to pay a fair share for the care and maintenance of our country.
  9. Economic Prosperity – Ha, this one is laughable. Liberals happen to believe, as I’ve said over and over here, that everyone should have a shot at prosperity. That means things like not having to be burdened with a lifetime of debt to get a college education, or not being forced into bankruptcy by an illness. It means being protected from predatory financial institutions, and it means allowing the middle and lower class to have at least a living wage.
  10. The Rule of Law – You have a President who has colluded with a sworn foreign enemy of the United States, combined with a range of financial crimes, not to mention the most morally repugnant person to ever sit in the Oval Office, and you really think that conservatives get to claim respect for the Rule of Law and Liberals do not. Ha. Conservatives are also the ones who seem to believe the Civil Rights Law of 1964, and the Constitution’s equal protection requirements don’t apply to Christians.
  11. Traditional Values – Well, let’s just be honest, the truth is this is a dog-whistle for a return to good ‘ol days when someone  could hang out a sign saying “No Coloreds or Jews,” and beat a gay man to death just for being gay. Now, I’m all for values like treating everyone equally, respecting other people and their rights, caring for one’s neighbors…whoever they happen to be, and working together to make the world a better place for everyone. If those are you traditional values, then you’ll find liberals on the vanguard…but we both know what alt-right conservatives mean by “traditional values,” and yes, those I hate.
  12. The American Flag – I’ve been to some rallies, and seen a lot on TV, and I see the most disrespect for the flag-code at conservative rallies. You’re never supposed to use the flag as an article of clothing. That means no more sweaty do-rags or bikini tops. Also, just so we’re clear, the Stars and Bars is NOT the American flag, and when you are busy flying that, you’re saying you support treason. So, again, I’d say liberals understand cherishing the American flag a lot more than conservatives.
  13. The Founding Fathers – Oh really. Well, most of us liberals think that original Congress, who voted to adopt the Treaty of Tripoli, actually meant it when they said that U.S. was in no way founded as a Christian nation. Let’s hear a conservative say anything like that. I respect them more than you do, because you would sell your vote as a Congress member to monied interests, and ignore their admonition about maintaining a system of public education. You also want to conflate religion and secular government, something they pretty nearly unanimously opposed.
  14. Guns – Nope, don’t hate guns. I have my grandfather’s beautiful shotgun designed specifically for hunting, meaning it holds three shells. I’m not sure why I’d ever need a semi-automatic assault rifle with a hundred mound magazine for hunting pheasants, but I guess if you have a small “manhood,” you need something like that. What I do hate is all the people who get killed as a result of “responsible gun owners,” and I hate that, despite the majority of Americans favoring sensible gun control, we can’t have it because Conservatives take money from the NRA. I hate that people like you are OK with letting mentally unstable people have high-capacity guns, so they can go around killing mass numbers of school children and their teachers. And, I hate that Conservatives are OK with those kinds of massacres, just so long as they get to keep their “manhood compensation devices.”
  15. Limited Government – Don’t hate limited government either. I’d like for the government to stay out women’s wombs. I’d like for them to not go around creating obstacles to voting. I definitely don’t like when governments try to curtail my rights as a gay person. I also want government to stick to the things that matter, like fully supporting a system of Public Education that our Founding Fathers considered essential to the survival of our Republic. (See 13 above.)
  16. Religious Freedom – All for religious freedom, but the difference between us is that you use this as another of those dog-whistles meaning, using the government (see 15 above) to force your form of religion into the public square, and on everyone else. Liberals want everyone to be able to celebrate whatever religion they hold, but unlike you, we also don’t think religion should we weaponized to justify discrimination.
  17. Homeschooling – Liberals are fine if people want to do this, but we don’t think taxpayers should fun through tax breaks, and we believe that home-schooled children should have to meet the same minimum standards as other children, so they have a chance to at least function somewhere near normal in society.
  18. Private Schools – If you want to send your children to a private school, liberals are OK with that. What most of us aren’t OK with is diverting resources from the Public Schools to pay for your child’s private education. You see, we think Public Schools should be properly funded so they are just as good as any private school (see 13 and 15). Oh, and yes, again, we think the standards should apply to these schools as well, because these people will be out in society some day.
  19. Christian Schools – I don’t hate them, but again, because we actually respect religious freedom, we don’t think non-religious people, or people of differing religions should be required to pay for religious education. You know that limited government thing you claim to be for, yeah, we’ll that’s actually liberals that think the government shouldn’t be in the business of providing religious-based education. Again, we think the public schools should have the funding so students want to go there, not have it choked off so you can send money to your for-profit and religious school friends. I don’t want my taxes redirected that way.
  20. Entrepreneurs – Hardly. It is liberals who support economic policies that put more money in circulation, so there’s more business activity to support entrepreneurs and to allow people to be entrepreneurs. Pssst, the CEO of UnitedHealthCare with his $10M/year salary, or Jamie Diamond at Citibank are not entrepreneurs…neither of them ever started anything.
  21. Ronald Reagan – Oh, there are lots of things I don’t like about Reagan. As I recall, there were a number of scandals, including the Iran-Contra scandal, and his avoidance of dealing early on with the AIDS crisis, and his trickle-down economic model that’s been an utter disaster for the economy every time it is tried. He did raise taxes on the wealthy though, so that’s something. I’m glad to know you all support that.
  22. Donald Trump – Yeah, on this one, I agree with you. I do hate Donald Trump. He’s a bully, a fraud, a childish amateur at everything he does, and a con man. He’s brought out the very worst in America, and has done so to enhance his own wealth. That’s all he’s about, is getting over on people. Know who else I hate…the people who blindly support him while he’s taking away their life-lines, just to give himself and his rich friends another tax cut.
  23. Mike Pence – Yep, you got me on this one too. Again, an amateur who wants to impose his personal theology on America and turn our Republic into a theocracy. For people who claim to be all about small government, you sure do support a lot of folks that want to insert the government into the most intimate parts of our lives, and Mike Pence is your standard-bearer on that one. He’s a sellout, who thinks he gets to be President when Trump is finally removed from office, but if we’re lucky, he’ll be out the door too.
  24. Country Music – Sorry, wrong again. I grew up listening to the likes of Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, even a lot of the Grand Ol Opry stars (you probably haven’t a clue about those). Today’s mass market attempts at crossover stuff, not so much though.
  25. Rush Limbaugh – Yeah, another point for you. I hate the hateful blowhard. He’s done almost as much as Trump to raise the level of vitriol in public discussion in this country, and has gone out of his way to intentionally misinform the public. He’s just a flat-out liar.
  26. The Tea Party – Yep, I hate the Tea Party. Score one for you. Liberals hate the Tea Party because it is an astro-turfed group funded by the wealthy to advance their causes, under the guise of supporting the issues of grass-roots Americans. Nothing could be further from the truth, and the fact that you think it’s a good thing says everything we need to know about you, and how much you love the wealthy, hate everyone else, and encourage uneducated and ill-informed people to vote against their own interests by creating other groups for them to hate.
  27. Lower Taxes – Not opposed to lower taxes for the middle-income and poor, but it is a society, which means we need to pay for a lot of common things. Liberals, unlike you, believe the wealthy should pay their fair share, just like Reagan and Bush I did.  Even some of the wealthiest, like Warren Buffet, (who have a conscience) admit they pay a lower rate than people making way less than them, and concede it’s not fair. Liberals support a fair system of taxation.
  28. Old-Fashioned Light Bulbs – Oh, I love them too. But the new energy-efficient bulbs now have the warmer color, and guess what, they use less energy and lost longer, so guess what…I’m smart enough to know the new bulbs save me money. I like saving money…you like taking my money, and throwing it to your 1% friends.
  29. Jesus – Sorry, but I’m likely more attune to Christian beliefs that conservatives. Conservatives love to shame the poor, take food out of the mouths of children, let sick people die due to a lack of money to pay for healthcare. The Bible is full of stories about whole cities being destroyed because they ignored the poor and widows in their midst (See Ezekiel, Jesus and the actual story of Sodom).
  30. The Bible – Nope, I’m actually a Christian, and find the Bible to be a great source of inspiration. The arc of the Bible is really all about Social Justice. Yes, I know you all on the Right like to try to weaponize it to shame the poor and take away the social safety net, but all of that crap isn’t really in the Bible. From the Old Testament to the New, it is about justice, and caring for the least of these. Amos 5:24 was dramatic language used by Dr. King, “But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!” My personal motto comes from Micah 6:8, “He has told you, O man, what is good, but to love mercy, do justice, and walk humbly with your God.” Jesus and Ezekiel both caution that the sin of Sodom was not anything to do with sex, but was because the city was prideful, and despite being prosperous, didn’t care for the widow, and orphans…that phrase was used to denote the poor. Jesus’ entire ministry was about moving through Galilee and showing people how to organize themselves to share what they had, “each to his own need.” Then, there was that whole Sermon on the Mount thing with the Beatitudes. That was pretty powerful stuff calling for social justice and caring for one another. And that whole thing about, “in as such as you’ve done it to the least of these, so you have done it to me.” Liberals who happen to also be Christian take that pretty seriously, while conservatives don’t just ignore, you act the exact opposite.
  31. The Christian Faith – Nope, as I noted, many Liberals are Christian. Actually, more authentically Christian than most conservatives. The Christian faith is about a lot more than weaponizing the Bible to justify your personal bigotry, and sitting in a pew on Sunday Mornings. That’s more Paulineism. Jesus said, “you will know me by my works.” That ought to scare the crap out of you, but you don’t seem to care. More than you, we believe people of faith, any faith, should be able to worship as they wish. We happen to believe that the God we worship is big enough to take care of himself, and that we don’t have to pretend fight battles on his behalf.
  32. The Drudge Report – You got me there. I pretty much hate the Drudge Report. Like Rushbo, Drudge is just a guy out to make money by muckraking. Also, for people who hate gays so much, you sure do embrace that homocon, but he says the same hateful shit that you do, so you love him.
  33. John Wayne – Love most of his movies. It does turn out he was a pretty big racists, and frankly, it always stings when someone you liked turns out to be less than perfect, but I’m pretty sure you all celebrate his racism. You’ve certainly carried it forward.
  34. Alex Jones – An actor (even his attorney said so in a legal court filing which is required to be accurate by the way), and not a very good one. I don’t hate or like Alex Jones. He is just a crazed conspiracy nut who makes up stories to keep the money rolling in…like the Chobani Yogurt lie he started. Had to apologize for that one, didn’t he. But, he was making up a story to try to attack dark-skinned people (you know, people like Jesus was), so I’m sure you love him.
  35. NASCAR – Well, no, I don’t hate it, but I’m also not interested in sitting in the baking sun for an entire day to watch cars go ’round and ’round hoping for an accident to get excited about. I have lots of friends who do love it, and I respect them and their right to do that.
  36. Tupperware – Bullshit…I’ve got a kitchen cabinet full of it. I would like it better if the tops didn’t seem to disappear. I can never find the right one. And at this point, you are just obviously running out of stuff.
  37. Big Cheeseburgers – There are people on the right and left who have dietary issues, and there are some people who object to slaughtering animals for food. I get that, but it’s not me, and for those who do feel that way, it’s not because they are liberal, it’s because they love animals.
  38. Football – Sat through a couple hundred high school and college football games, and a few professional games. Depending on who’s playing, you might even find me in front of the TV on a Saturday or Sunday. Again, you started running out of stuff.
  39. Clint Eastwood – Loved some of his movies, not all of them. He’s also a pretty decent director. I’m sorry he sullied his legacy with that bullshit act at the Republican National Convention, but he’s entitled to it. I don’t hate the guy though…I just feel sorry for him. It wasn’t even a decent piece of theater.
  40. The Army – I didn’t have to serve, but my father and grandfather served in the Army, and I don’t know how you came up with this one. It happens to be the Republicans in Congress who keep defeating the funding for veterans programs. How do you explain that?
  41. The Navy – Don’t really have a connection to the Navy I’m aware of, but I’m sure glad we have one, and can project strength where we need to. Hating them…nah, again, you just couldn’t think of things.
  42. The Marines – I love the Marine Band, and except for a couple of assholes I’ve worked with over the years, who seem to think the fact they were a Marine is their be all end all, I don’t hate THE Marines…just those two.
  43. The Air Force – I have anephew who serves, and I worked with the Air Force on a project in my field of expertise, and saved them several millions of dollars. How could I hate them. Had a great time on the project.
  44. Ron Paul – Yeah, I don’t hate the guy, but don’t like him. I think he’s a bit arrogant, and I don’t agree with a lot of his political policy positions. But hey, it’s America, we’re supposed to be able to disagree. I’m pretty sure an arch-conservative like you doesn’t agree with all his policies.
  45. Rand Paul – I don’t think he’s as arrogant as Ron, but I wouldn’t be interested in paling around with him.
  46. Marriage – Are you fucking kidding me. I had to fight for the right to get married. Most conservatives love it so much though, they have several (see Donald J. Trump and Newt Gingrich). It is statistically a fact that Republicans divorce at a higher rate than Democrats, so you really must love it…you do it a lot it seems.
  47. Family – I don’t know how you came to this one. I’m pretty sure, again, you were just running out of stuff. I love my family. I love my birth family, and most of the people who are part of my chosen family. I’d die for any of them. Liberals believe in helping families by giving their bread-winners a living wage. Just yesterday, a Republican Congressional candidate in Georgia flat-out stated she didn’t think people deserved a living wage. We believe children should have a first class public education for free, but Republicans are doing all they can, as fast as they can, to dismantle the Public School system. I love family so much, I think they shouldn’t be driven into poverty and bankruptcy because they have a catastrophically ill child or parent. I think every family should have a home, and food on their table every day. Conservatives can’t say the same.
  48. Babies – I’m sure this is your attempt at working abortion into the conversation. Liberals don’t hate babies, that’s just asinine, but you knew that, didn’t you? We do believe that women should have control over their bodies. You should watch the Handmaid.s Tale (Oh, that’s right, you read the book and want to create that kind of world). You know, the Bible, that thing you claim I hate, which I probably know better than you, talks in Genesis, specifically about when life begins. It says that life begins when God blows the breath of life into you. In other words, when you start breathing. I had a conservative, when presented with that argument, insist that babies breathed while in womb…I guess like they were fish breathing amniotic fluid. So, my question becomes, why do you guys hate science and the Bible? Also, we care about babies more than you. We want them to have good solid two-parent households to grow up in. Where the family doesn’t live in abject poverty. Where they have a future through education, and where they can get medical care when they are sick. Conservatives, vote against these things at every turn.
  49. Wal-Mart – Yeah, definitely not my favorite place. They cheat their workers, and they sell cheap foreign-made products. Their stores are always a mess and chaotic, so I do try to avoid the place.
  50. Flag Pins – I have several, along with one that includes the U.S. Flag and the Sons of the American Revolution flag. I had ancestors who fought for our independence. I can name them, and trace my ancestry to them. Can you? BTW, when I say flag pins, I’m speaking about the U.S. Flag, not the flag that came to represent a group of states and people who committed treason, just to try to keep the right to own other people. I just wanted to be clear about that.
  51. Steakhouses – Says who. The manager at a local Longhorn knows us, and always acknowledges us when we go in to eat. If you call that hating steakhouses, you’re just an idiot…but I think we’re already established that.
  52. Chuck Norris – Yep, another one we agree on. Don’t care for him. He was a second-rate actor, and has become a bit of lunatic conservative.
  53. Bottled Water – You’ve gotta be kidding me, right. It was liberals who started the bottled water craze. We do wish we could use fewer plastic bottles, and that people would dispose of them properly, and because we prefer to be good stewards of God’s creation, we’d like to do  better job at recycling. Also, I live in Florida…please keep them out of our ocean.
  54. George Washington – One of the lapel pins I wear from time to time, for SAR, is a blue and white Florette, which pays respects to colors of Washington’s Continental Army uniform. The guy was an intellectual giant (something Conservatives disdain), so I’m not sure where you get that. In fact, the simple truth is, based on polices advanced by liberals compared to those advanced by conservatives, liberals hold the founders in greater esteem than conservatives. But you’re just over halfway through your list, so you had to throw anything your little mind could think of at the list.
  55. The 1st Amendment – Liberals actually love the First Amendment, an important aspect of which is keeping the government out of the business of religion. Also, we believe in a robust news media reporting on what is happening in our world, something Conservatives have spent lots of energy on degrading. Given the efforts of Conservatives to legislate speech and religion, how do you figure we hate the First Amendment, and you love it. Oh yeah, you seem to think it gives you the right to force your particular religion down the throats of everyone else. You should read it some time.
  56. The 2nd Amendment – See 14 above. Don’t hate the 2nd Amendment, but we happen to have read the entire Constitution, which provides a definition of what the phrase, “A well-regulated militia” is, and who has the power in the government to promulgate those regulations. Since you likely have never read the entire document, you can click here to read an exposition on what the Constitution actually says about guns and militias. In fact, it’s my experience that you likely haven’t even read the entire 2nd Amendment. All I ever hear conservatives talks about is the phrase, “the right to keep and bear arms.” They always forget that part about that being part about a ‘well regulated militia,” and that part is the first part of the amendment. Wanna gun, join the National Guard.
  57. The 10th Amendment – Here’s the problem with this one. You want to assert State’s Rights. This was the dog whistle used to try to justify southern states keeping their slaves. It really doesn’t work like that.United States v. Darby Lumber, 312 U.S. 100, 124 (1941), reads as follows: “The amendment states but a truism that all is retained which has not been surrendered. There is nothing in the history of its adoption to suggest that it was more than declaratory of the relationship between the national and state governments as it had been established by the Constitution before the amendment or that its purpose was other than to allay fears that the new national government might seek to exercise powers not granted, and that the states might not be able to exercise fully their reserved powers.” Basically, if you want to participate with the rest of the country, and receive federal funds, you have to respect the U.S. Constitution and federal law.
  58. The Pledge of Allegiance – Again, something I grew up reciting. I don’t oppose it, but I think it becomes meaningless and anathema to what the United States stands for when used as an indoctrination tool over and over, or when you require people to participate.
  59. McDonald’s – I admit to getting a sausage and egg mcmuffin from time to time. I don’t hate McDonald’s, but I try to spend my food money on something that’s a bit healthier. I also wish they’d pay a living wage.
  60. Coca-Cola – I’ve kind of switched over to the store brand, but Coke Zero is my choice out in the field. Not a coffee drinker, so I have to get my morning caffeine fix from Coke Zero. Yeah, not terribly healthy, but I don’t hate it. You’re just making shit up again.
  61. Fried Food – One look at me, and you’d know there’s not much fried I won’t eat. My grandmother’s friend chicken was fine with me any day of the week.
  62. Muscle Cars – I never had one, but I surely considered a 1967 Mustang back when I was in high school It was going to need a lot of work though, so I just stuck with my pickup truck.
  63. Charlie Daniels – Already mentioned Charlie above, when you accused me of not liking country music. See, now your just being a liar.
  64. Dolly Parton – I love Dolly Parton, and don’t know many gay men who don’t. I’m sure there might be some Log Cabin Republicans who’d never admit to it, but deep down, you know they do.
  65. Duck Dynasty – I do hate these guys. Mostly because they aren’t really the characters they portray. I mean you do know that, right? They are actually pretty posh, and own actual polo shirts, when they’re not filming the show, or doing promotion tours. I don’t like that they misrepresent themselves, glorify ignorance, make simple country folks come across as backwards and uneducated, just to make a buck.
  66. Johnny Cash – Got a phone full of Johnny Cash music. Definitely a legend of Country Music.
  67. Sarah Palin – Besides Donald Trump and Franklin Graham, I’d be hard pressed to think of someone I hate more. I really just want to feel sorry for her, but she tried to cash in on her ignorance, by pretending she was smart. It’s not easy to see through that. She is an uneducated, backwards, hayseed, and I hate the Conservatives who venerated her.
  68. Cheesesteaks – Back to filler I guess. If it’s a good cheese steak, but if you are passing on a fake one, I hate those.
  69. Sean Hannity – Ah, on second thought, Hannity might be in the earlier group of people I hate more than Sarah Palin.  Another grifter masquerading as some kind of serious thinker. The guy couldn’t understand a legitimate public policy if it bit him in the ass.
  70. Rodeos – I’ve been to a few. I like them better than a NASCAR race, but don’t often go. I know, some folks believe they constitute animal cruelty, and I can understand why. (That’s a big difference between Progressives/Liberals and Conservatives, we have empathy for others.) But I don’t hate them.
  71. Cadillacs – Well, the 50s models were their heyday as far as I’m concerned. They finally decided to create designs and a brand appeal for younger buyers, with some limited success. I haven’t seen a particular model I must have, but I don’t know any liberals who just outright hate Cadillacs. How about you offer a citation that establishes that all liberals hate cadillacs? Yeah, that’s kind of what I thought.
  72. Barbie Dolls – I actually don’t think about them much, but I guess you do. Kind of makes one wonder….hummmm?
  73. Ted Cruz – Yep, I definitely hate him. You got me again. Ted and his dad happen to buy into a particularly ugly form of Dominionism, the 7 Mountains version. Here are a couple of quotes by leaders of that particular religious cult, “This includes the need to govern apolitically, as well as to embrace spiritual warfare techniques that neutralize the control of our adversary within the functional and territorial spheres of authority to which we have been assigned.” The belief of this group is that they need to take over 7 areas of influence in society, government included, and impose a theocracy. Here’s how another leader describes that, “The kingdom will start out necessarily authoritative in many ways, or in many areas…” People who harbor these apocalyptic views, and fancy themselves ordained by God to usher in the second coming are generally mentally unstable. You don’t have to watch Ted long to realize he fits that description. So, I think he’s dangerous, and for that reason, because he wants to take over the world and impose his version of religion, I hate the asshole. You can read details and see the citations here.
  74. Fiscal Sanity – This is just plain laughable. For a conservative to posit the argument that they are for fiscal sanity, and progressives against it makes you a candidate for the Baker Act. There’s been a budget surplus by the end of every Democratic Administration since Johnson, and a deficit by end of the every Republican Administration since Regan. So how can you even start to make that assertion with a straight face. Not to mention, when the CBO scored out Trump’s most recent “budget,” it was based on unattainable growth rates, and they were actually double counting the benefits, even on top of that. Also, trickle down economics (take more from the middle class and poor, and give it to the richest 1%) have failed spectacularly every time it has been tried by Conservatives.
  75. Charlton Heston – Maybe he was a good actor in his day. Now he’s just a grumpy old man playing to gun nuts. Bless his heart.
  76. Israel – I certainly don’t hate Israel, and I’ve never seen a liberal showing bigotry and violence towards the Jewish people. Sorry Michael, but it’s Trumpettes who are now singling out Jews for their particular form of hatred, violence and vitriol.  I will tell you this though, the current government has behaved like thugs for some time. I do oppose them going and taking land legally owned by Palestinians, throwing them off their property, only to build Israeli settlements. How would you feel if, say, the Mormons showed up one day, physically removed you from your home, then bulldozed it, built an apartment complex there, and moved in a group of Mormons…Oh, and did not compensate you for your property? Bet you wouldn’t like? I wouldn’t like it either, and I don’t like when other countries do it.
  77. Benjamin Netanyahu – Not a nice guy. He’s a thug, and acts like a terrorist sometimes.
  78. Miners – Again, it defies logic that a Republican/Conservative would make the claim. Liberals are doing their best to provide actual jobs for miners through retraining and incentives, as well as being sure they have healthcare coverage. Conservatives pretend like coal jobs are coming back, when they know they aren’t (that actually makes you a liar, but that’s already been established), and votes to take away their medical coverage…so I’d say you’re the ones that hate miners.
  79. Loggers – We know that clear cutting is bad for the environment, and most loggers do too. That’s why most are good stewards of the environment, but I do hate those who would destroy an entire forest, and then walk away. Don’t get me started on the healthcare issue for the folks that work in the logging industry.
  80. The Coal Industry – Don’t hate it or love it. It is, just as a result of market forces, a dying industry. Natural Gas, solar and wind are rapidly becoming far more cost-effective than coal, not to mention better for the environment. I guess conservatives hate the free market now, and think we should preserve an industry just because the Koch brothers pay the Republican bills. You wanna bring back the buggy whip industry too?
  81. National Sovereignty – Well, we can become isolationists, but it is a global economy. We can lead or get out-of-the-way, but if we withdraw from the rest of the world, we’ll fail at defense and economically. Understanding the world, and acknowledging simple facts like that doesn’t mean a liberal hates national sovereignty, it just means we are smart enough to know we have to engage with the rest of the planet. We don’t have another one, because you guys keep cutting spending on science and NASA, we can’t move to Mars yet, and be left alone.
  82. National Borders – I see what you are doing here, using yet another of your dog whistles. Even your boy, George Bush recognized that farmers can’t make it without immigrants, and he wanted sensible immigration legislation. But you go ahead and keep hating on Mexicans, just remember, you are soon to find your white ass in the minority here, even without immigration.
  83. Uncle Sam – Well, this goes back to your dog whistles about the service branches, and National Sovereignty. Don’t hate him, use his image from time-to-time. I am kind of uncomfortable when car dealerships and other commercial enterprises use his image for marketing purposes. Would you join me in condemning that?
  84. The Washington Redskins – See, now you’re just being silly. Lots of folks hate the Redskins, and it seems even more hate the Dallas Cowboys. I live in Tampa, and the Bucs are yet to really win me over, but I root for them over most everyone else. For some reason, I kind of like the Browns. They have the best fans. Find any rabid professional football fan who’s not a fan of Washington, and he likely hates the ‘Skins, but also every other team that’s not his own.
  85. Small Businesses – This one is really funny, as it was liberals who setup the Small Business Administration, required banks to be more transparent in their lending practices to small businesses, and put in the small business set-asides in government contracting. As noted above, Democratic Administrations have always had a more favorable economic environment, which always results in more small business creation. So, I just plain call bullshit on this one.
  86. Self-Employment – Cite any statistic? Yeah, that’s what I thought.
  87. Harley-Davidson Motorcycles – Did a project for them one time too. It’s very cool. I’m not personally into bikes of any kind, but that’s just me. I’m a chicken when it comes to racing down a Florida interstate at 70MPH on two wheels with no steel on either side. It doesn’t mean I hate Harley’s. Just means bikes aren’t for me. By the way, how many Hogs do you personally own. Yeah, that’s what I thought.
  88. Military Veterans – OK, we talked about this one above. Why is it Democrats keep introducing bills to get more benefits for Veterans, and Republicans keep voting down those programs. Why did Congress recently vote to take away healthcare insurance for a couple million veterans? Yeah, I knew you wouldn’t have an answer for that one, so don’t even pretend.1 2
  89. The Phrase “Islamic Terror” – I’ll start using it as soon as you start using the phrase “Christian Terror.””Since Sept. 11, 2001, nearly twice as many people have been killed by white supremacists, anti-government fanatics and other non-Muslim extremists than by radical Muslims.The assaults have taken the lives of police officers, members of racial or religious minorities and random civilians. Non-Muslim extremists have carried out 19 such attacks since Sept. 11, according to the latest count, compiled by David Sterman, a New America program associate, and overseen by Peter Bergen, a terrorism expert. By comparison, seven lethal attacks by Islamic militants have taken place in the same period.”3 “Twenty-three people have been shot by toddlers in the U.S. since the start of 2016 — exactly 23 more than have been shot by Muslim terrorists over the same period.”4
  90. Big Families – I come from a large extended family. As previously noted, I love my family. I spent some of my best Summers on Grandfather’s farm. Oh, but you meant the Duggar’s quiver full 19 kids and counting kind of family, didn’t you? Just curious, how many kids do you have? Yeah, that’s what I thought. See, you’d be the kind that would claim all kids deserve a “mother and a father,” aren’t you? Well, there is no way that 19 kids get adequate attention of their parents, and I think you know that. In fact, the Duggars even admit it, and I think the results in that family speak for themselves (can you say “Josh”).
  91. The Bible Belt – I’m a southerner born and bred. I used to be proud of my North Carolina heritage, until the Republicans went fucking crazy over the past years, and have dismantled public education, started dismantling one of the greatest public university systems in the world, divided the state through hate, took them back to the 1900s, and started wrecking the precious and beautiful environment. I love a lot of things about the states you describe as being the Bible Belt, but I do hate what Conservatives have done to them.
  92. The Creation Museum – Definitely hate this one. First off, the taxpayers of Kansas were scammed about the revenues and jobs this place would create. That’s pretty clear. It will be shutdown within the next five years. In addition, the Bible is a book of inspiration through metaphor, not a history or science text-book. Most all the best-known biblical scholars will tell you that. So, I hate people who try to pull people away from the scientific reality of the universe, and claim myth as science. It is embarrassing, dangerous, and a threat to our prosperity into the future.
  93. The 10 Commandments – Nope, don’t hate. In fact, I think they are a pretty good list. I’d especially call your attention to the one about not bearing false witness. I just wish Conservatives took them to heart as much as Liberals do.
  94. Anyone That Is Pro-Life – Liberals are far more “pro-life” than Conservatives. You care about children only before they are born, but could frankly give a shit about them afterwards. We discussed all this above. First, according to Genesis, which you seemed to defend in item 23, you’re not alive until you’re born. That’s God saying that, not me…by the way, Jesus didn’t die so you could sit on God’s throne, I suggest you get down. It’s conservatives who don’t want a child’s parents to have a living wage, you don’t care if the child has enough food, or a warm place to live, or an education, and you sure as shit don’t care if they get healthcare, so just stop with this. If you want to be pro-life, quit killing children.
  95. Anyone Who Disagrees With Them – Nope, far more than Conservatives, who have lately been beating, stabbing, and otherwise killing people who don’t agree with them, liberals are open to conversation and dialogue, and seek the best ideas from wherever they come. Show me a single case in the past few years where a Liberal killed a Conservative because the Conservative didn’t believe as the Liberal did? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I can point to more than a few cases of beatings and murders by Alt-Right, White Conservatives.
  96. Hard Work – You do realize the highest number of people on disability are in the most Conservative states, right. I rest my case.
  97. Patriotism – If by conservatism, you mean waving around the Confederate Battle flag, and pissing about removing some statues of people who fought against the United States, then yeah, I hate Patriotism. If you mean supporting the institutions of our Republic, honoring our Constitution, and holding it in the highest esteem, and believing in the social justice promise that is America, then that would be everything you seem to hate, not Liberals.
  98. Winning – No one’s against winning, but most of us hate how Republicans try to win by cheating with gerrymandering and voter suppression, and vote tampering, and voter fraud. That’s not winning.
  99. The Truth – Another one that’s simply laughable. Conservatives rely on Fox News, clearly shown to be the most dishonest of any news outlet besides Breitbart. You elected a guy as President who couldn’t tell the truth if his very life depended on it, so don’t get me started on this one. During the election, over 80% of his campaign statements were demonstrably false. And don’t get me started on your blatant disregard for informed science.
  100. The American People – Provide a single citation to support your claim…yeah, that’s what I thought.

That about sums it up. He’s not wrong about hating a few of the items (well, 3 things, and 13 of the people he listed), but that comes from having a moral compass and caring about others, not just as a result of being liberal.

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