Nov 112015

starbucks-holiday-cupsBy now you’ve likely heard the craziness of some conservatives about Starbuck’s holiday cup design. You’ve probably heard about it because of one idiotic attention whore, who claims to be a pastor, Josh Feurerstein. He apparently managed to finally have a video go viral (trust me,  he’s produced some doozies in his efforts to get attention), where he raises a stink about Starbucks, because of their holiday cup design…plain red with their green logo.

There’s a CNN interview available on YouTube:

He thinks he’s cute because he wants to “start a movement.” That movement is to go into Starbucks, and when ordering, tell them your name is “Merry Christmas,” so they have to write it on the cup, and say when they call you. How very clever.

I do want you to listen to the interview, and then I’m going to deconstruct the craziness of this particular guy.

1. Even in earlier years they had reindeer and ornaments on their cups…NOT Christian symbols anyway.  See below for photos of a few of their cup designs from past years.

2. Yes, the Mall in Charlotte tried something different with the glacier…it pretty much bombed on its on…but regardless, trees are pagan symbols, not Christian. They are nice things to have, but they are not related to the religious aspects of the holiday.

3. He says that City’s are prohibiting displays of manger scenes in front of Churches. Not happening, and I challenge him to cite one single situation where a local government prohibits a church from having a manger scene, otherwise, it’s just hot air.

4. Also, we were not founded on Judaeo-Christian beliefs. We were founded as a Democratic Republic which is a governing philosophy arising from Greek and Roman thought.

5. As for how many views his video has…that’s not a vote on how many people support this stupidity…it’s more a testament to how we can’t drive past a train wreck without slowing down to look.

But it all sounded good to the krazy kristian kooks, and therein lies the really scary of all this. There are people who really believe this kind of batshittery, to the point it was brought up in the Republican Presidential debates, and pander-er-in-chief, Donald Trump answered by vowing to make everyone say Merry Christmas if he’s elected.

Brystal Palin has jumped trying to blame “liberals” for creating this controversy to make conservatives look stupid. I’d just say to her, “I think that horse left the barn when your Mom got picked as a Vice-Presidential candidate, and it’s not let up since.”

I still can’t understand how our once great nation has so devolved…and seems that religion is leading the way to the bottom.

Oh, but want start a movement also. This is inspired by a commenter on Facebook who said, “I may not always drink $12 Lattes, but when I do, I drink Anti-Christ Lattes from Starbucks. If you go into Starbucks over the holidays, have some fun, and them your name is “The Anti-Christ.” Be sure some religious nut job gets to see your cup.starbucks-red-cups-2


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