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Decadence New Orleans 2013

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Sep 042013
Decadence New Orleans 2013

This past weekend we were in New Orleans for Decadence. It was fun, but it is the kind of thing I wouldn’t be excited about doing again. It was hot and humid (as you’d expect for late August in New Orleans). The bars are mostly in the French Quarter, and relatively small, so they were all packed. This meant that you mostly just hung out on the street, and waited in very long lines to get a drink.

United Airlines Epic Fail

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Jun 022013
United Airlines Epic Fail

Last week I flew to Chicago to attend a professional conference. Due to delays caused by weather, it came out that, despite United being willing to give me $200 to take a flight the next morning if mine were overbooked, they wanted to charge me $75 to give up that same seat, but take an earlier flight that would have actually got me home on time.

Pictures From Washington

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Oct 182012
Pictures From Washington

I was in Washington most of last week on business. Lay flew in Friday afternoon, and we spent the weekend touring. We did most of touristy things including the Air and Space Museum out near Dulles that Friday afternoon. Saturday and Sunday were spent mostly downtown around the Mall. I’d not been to the Air and Space Museum so that was cool. This was Lay’s first trip at all.

So Where Have I Been Lately

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Dec 292008
So Where Have I Been Lately

If you’re a regular visitor (or you receive the digest email) I suppose you have noticed a decided lack of activity here lately. I have to tell you, I’ve just been tired. I think that’s the best way to describe what’s been going on in my life lately. It’s not that feeling of “being sick and tired of being sick and tired,” but more a general malaise that came over me during the last months. I didn’t send out Christmas cards this year, and didn’t even decorate the house. I came into the season with a good deal of the shopping done, and combined with some upcoming time off, I was actually looking forward to the holiday, but somewhere along the way, I just sort of lost that holiday spirit. I’m working on a comeback.

A Visit to North Carolina

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Nov 102008
A Visit to North Carolina

No blogging or politics last week, as I was on the road from Monday to Friday. I drove up North Carolina because we had a business meeting in Burlington Wednesday, and then I took two days off, visited Mom and drove home. It was actually a pleasant week. i also took some photos around Kings Mountain and Shelby.

Toronto Travel Travails

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Oct 202008

I know, I have not been posting much lately. Once again, work has been extremely busy with some travel thrown in for good measure. Since my work involves a lot of writing, by the time I have time to write here, I’m just too wrung out to carry on. I do have some things percolating in my mind that I want to get set down here, so I’ll to get more posted this evening, and I do owe you a few movie reviews. I guess the biggest story though is my first trip outside the U.S. You got it, I’m 49, and just now have crossed the border. I went to Toronto on business, and must say, I was impressed with the little I got to experience of the city. As is so often the case though, air travel chaos accompanied me as I headed home last Wednesday (and then into Thursday).

American Airlines Admiral's Club – Terminal A-DFW – A Review

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Jun 142008

While traveling to Dallas this week, I visited the Admiral’s Club in Terminal A at the DFW airport. It has to be probably the nicest airline club I’ve ever been in. Of course, given that American Airlines is headquartered in Dallas, I would expect their Admiral’s Club there to be above average, but this place was incredible. It was plush, quite, well appointed, and thoughtfully laid out. At one end was a small restaurant where one could order light food.