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Marva Johnson-Spectrum Douche Bag of the Day

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Dec 082017
Marva Johnson-Spectrum Douche Bag of the Day

Marva Johnson. Here’s a name you may not know, but you’d better learn who she is, and what here (and apparently her employer’s) agenda is for public education. She also is chair of the Florida State Board of Education, appointed by Gov. Rick Scott in 2014. In addition, In March, the governor appointed her to the 37-member statewide Constitutional Revision Commission.

H-1B Visas – The Joke’s On Us

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Jun 162017
H-1B Visas - The Joke's On Us

Recently, I caught a story of an IT firm in Iowa that posted an advertisement for an H1-B only person. The ad by American Technology Consulting, posted to the recruiting website ZipRecruiter, sought a java developer to work in San Diego. Initially, it stated “H1B Only,” but has now been changed. This seems to bring home something I’ve seen frequently, and that is a perceived abuse of the H1-B program. I say perceived, because the law has changed so much people who passed it in 1952 wouldn’t recognize it.

Jun 032017
More Nissan Issues

I’ve posted before about the unusually high number of issues I’ve had with my supposedly New 2016 Nissan Rogue. Since purchasing, they’ve had to make a number of significant repairs including, replacing one of the power lift gate cylinders, the steering column, three replacements of seat trim piece that keep braking, and those are the major items. If you’ve been following, you’ll also know my experience with Courtesy Nissan here in Tampa hasn’t been good.

Sep 152016
UPS - Douche Bag of the Day Award Winner

I don’t normally have a problem with UPS, but when things go wrong, they really go wrong. The latest is a new desk chair I ordered via Amazon. The chair, due to size and weight I assume, comes only via standard ground, but that was fine. Shipped a day or two sooner than promised, and actually arrived a couple of days sooner.

Why Increase the Minimum Wage?

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Aug 082016
Why Increase the Minimum Wage?

School starts in Pinellas County this weekend where the nieces go to school. This was the shortened tax-free weekend, so continuing a long-standing tradition, me and Lay took the girls shopping for their school supplies. We’re not rich, but compared to many others, we’re certainly comfortable. However, on the way home we got into a discussion, when Lay asked, “How do people making at or near the minimum wage take care of kids?” I did some quick math in my head, and realized that a person making around $8.00/hour would have to work nearly four hours (half a work day), when you account for taxes, to pay for the school supplies for just one child.

Mar 162015
Righteous Bigots Afraid to Own Their Bigotry

We’re starting to see the backlash against LGBTQ people as the likelihood of nationwide marriage equality increases, and LGBTQ people achiever equality under the law. One of the main ways the Christianists are trying to keep us in our place, is to pass these bogus, and clearly unconstitutional, religious liberty bills. We saw how cowardly they are in Oklahoma this week.

Difference Between Free Speech and Consequences of Speech

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May 102014
Difference Between Free Speech and Consequences of Speech

Today’s topic is a recent controversy related a pair of twin brothers from Charlotte, Davis and Jason Benham. The Benham brothers made a small fortune flipping homes, and were recently working on a HGTV show. What HGTV didn’t bother to find out was that the brothers have a particularly nasty streak when it comes to gays, abortion rights, and Muslims. When that came to light, that was the end of the show, and the beginning of their cries of persecution…because you know, the Constitution guarantees one the right to a TV show, and freedom from consequences.

Bryan Fischer Wrong Again On Oregon Baker

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Sep 032013
Bryan Fischer Wrong Again On Oregon Baker

The latest fabrication from the krazy kristian kooks is that a bakery in Oregon was “forced” to close because of gay marriage. If you read the stories cited by SPLC Designated Hate Group spokesperson, Brian Fischer, the bakery was forced out of business, and equally hateful and dishonest Matt Barber claims they were forced out of business by a “vicious boycott.”

Brian and Bryan Fail to Understand Constitution

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Aug 232013
Brian and Bryan Fail to Understand Constitution

Brian Brown of the anti-gay designated hate group National Organization for Marriage (NOM), and Bryan Fischer of the designated hate group American Family Association (AFA), both have their knickers in a twist over recent court ruling out of New Mexico. In this ruling, the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled against a Albuquerque wedding photographer, Elane Photography who refused to work with a lesbian couple citing her deeply held religious beliefs.

United Airlines Epic Fail

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Jun 022013
United Airlines Epic Fail

Last week I flew to Chicago to attend a professional conference. Due to delays caused by weather, it came out that, despite United being willing to give me $200 to take a flight the next morning if mine were overbooked, they wanted to charge me $75 to give up that same seat, but take an earlier flight that would have actually got me home on time.