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Christmas 2010-A Good One

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Jan 032011

Well, Christmas 2010 has come and gone. Nothing left to do but pack up the decorations. I’d have to rate it as a pretty good Christmas. I think I managed to stick to a fairly tight budget, and despite a few arguments with Lay, we wound up with everyone getting something they really enjoyed. I got my shopping and gift wrapping done well ahead of time this year. The decorations were up right after Thanksgiving, and the Christmas Cards went out just after that, so I never felt rushed or hectic.

Giant Bubbles

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Sep 152010

Pictures of Lay’s family over for the Labor Day weekend. We had loads of fun swimming, and making giant bubbles out of a soap solution. Bubbles are a favorite thing with the nieces, and giant bubbles just secured my place as favorite uncle for a while longer.

NOM Fund Raising with Lies

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Sep 032010

I know it will shock you to learn that the National Organization for Marriage is running a radio ad to, among other things, raise money, with a complete stream of lies. So, are you off the floor yet (I know you fell over when you heard). So, many thanks to Matt from who took the time to analyze their ad, statement by statement to point out the lies. I guess that old “baring false witness” thing isn’t important if your fighting teh gayz. I mean some sins are worse than others, so if you have to commit one fight one, it’s must be OK, because they’re all Christian.

Focus on Your Family Wants to Maintain Right to Beat Up Gay Kids

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Sep 022010

That’s right folks. The good christian people at Focus on the Family don’t want schools to have effective anti-bullying campaigns because they want to be sure their kids can continue to beat up kids who are or are perceived to be gay. Oh they try to dress it up in nice words saying they want safe schools for everyone, but if you go around and tell kids it’s not OK to beat up the gay kids, then you’re teaching them that being gay is OK.

Busy Weekend

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Jun 232010
Busy Weekend

This past weekend was rather busy around this household. The biggest event was Sunday when we had our niece’s 4th birthday party here at the house. Saturday night we attended the Una Voce Florida Men’s Chorale concert. The concert title was “Harmonia Mundi” or music of the world. After the concert, we went over and picked up the nephews to spend the night. Whew! As soon as everyone left Sunday and all the trash was stashed, I sat down in my favorite chair, and was out light like a light for about two hours.

Partying at a Naturalization Ceremony

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Nov 012009
Partying at a Naturalization Ceremony

Some of you will know that Lay’s been through a two and one-half year experience trying to get naturalized. Of course he had permanent status, and has lived here since he was 2 years old. In fact, he’s never been back ot Laos. So it was past time to go ahead and get this over with, but little did we know what an ordeal it would be. Then, I came away from the Naturalization Ceremony profoundly concerned about the complete lack of competence in how even the ceremony was conducted.

Where I Was 40 Years Ago

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Jul 202009
Where I Was 40 Years Ago

Everyone is writing about where they were 40 years ago today when Armstrong and Aldrin first set foot on the moon, so I thought I should also chime in. It was certainly one of those defining moments. I was at White Lake, NC with family and friends.

Dala Turns Three

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Jun 232009

We had a big birthday party here Sunday afternoon as Dala, Lay’s niece turns three years old. She loves to swim and always throws a fit when it’s time to go home. She learned to jump off the side of the pool, and doggy paddle around with her little tube.

So Where Have I Been Lately

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Dec 292008
So Where Have I Been Lately

If you’re a regular visitor (or you receive the digest email) I suppose you have noticed a decided lack of activity here lately. I have to tell you, I’ve just been tired. I think that’s the best way to describe what’s been going on in my life lately. It’s not that feeling of “being sick and tired of being sick and tired,” but more a general malaise that came over me during the last months. I didn’t send out Christmas cards this year, and didn’t even decorate the house. I came into the season with a good deal of the shopping done, and combined with some upcoming time off, I was actually looking forward to the holiday, but somewhere along the way, I just sort of lost that holiday spirit. I’m working on a comeback.

A Visit to North Carolina

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Nov 102008
A Visit to North Carolina

No blogging or politics last week, as I was on the road from Monday to Friday. I drove up North Carolina because we had a business meeting in Burlington Wednesday, and then I took two days off, visited Mom and drove home. It was actually a pleasant week. i also took some photos around Kings Mountain and Shelby.